Hairdo Inspiration

Hairdo Inspiration


We are already mid-way into October and with November right around the corner, for those of us who live in Guatemala, one thing comes to mind: wedding season.

With the rain subsiding, nature flourishing and the temperatures at absolute perfection, there is no doubt that this time of year makes for ideal wedding conditions. For guests, however, multiple weddings mean one thing: multiple dresses and multiple hours spent at the salon.

I don’t know about you, but, for me, choosing a hairstyle that suits me is tricky. I’m very particular about what works for the shape of my face, and nearly always try to hide my ears (yes, I’m weird). On top of it, I also try to keep up with what’s “new” while still staying true to my style and personality, being absolutely certain that I'll feel comfortable with it for the entire course of the event. Long story short, I end up looking at- possibly- hundreds of inspirational pictures before even picking up the phone to make an appointment.

And since I know I am not the only one, I decided to choose 3 of my current favorite hairdos to share with you- because I’m sure, you’re probably out there looking for some inspiration too.

All the hairdos below were perfectly executed by the talented girls of Social Statement Salon, who are always incredibly nice and patient with me. Thank you, ladies!

1. Classic Elegance:

2. The Romantic:

3. The Bohemian:

 Until next time!