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Unlike handbags, I am very particular when it comes to shoes. Although I’ve been loyal to only a handful of shoe designers for a number of years, every now and then, someone new comes and captures my attention. This is the case with Sophia Webster.

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I’ve come to find so many great and inspirational bloggers through Instagram in these past few months. Some of them are food bloggers (mostly from Australia, of all places) and others are fashion and lifestyle bloggers. One of the fashion bloggers I’ve recently discovered and have added to my daily reads is Gaby, from The Vault Files (follow her @gabyburger).

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I love Stella McCartney. The daughter of former Beatle member, Sir Paul McCartney, Stella has proven to be one extremely gifted designer who, as a lifelong vegetarian, is committed to creating stylish, trendy and beautifully made fashion that is 100% cruelty free. She does not use fur, leather nor certain animal-derived fabrics in any of her designs. It’s kind of hard to believe that such a designer could make it into the high-end fashion market and still be highly respected, don’t you think?

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Am I wrong, or did the Oscars feel much longer than usual last night? I love, love Ellen and I think she did a great job so it’s disappointing to hear critics saying that she didn’t perform as well as expected, but in her defense, hosting an event that long, under that amount of pressure, cannot be easy. And c’mon, the epic ‘selfie’ that crashed Twitter, and having Brad Pitt passing the plates for the pizza were pretty memorable moments that only Ellen could deliver.

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Since I haven’t done a post like this in a while, and since my closet is in serious need of an update (it seems that last year, a large chunk of my shopping budget went into gym clothes instead), I figured that before deciding what the essentials for me truly were, stopping to take a good look at the upcoming trends for this spring could be very helpful. I mean, let’s face it, even if we don’t consider ourselves to be ‘slaves to fashion’, we’re still modern women who like to be up-to-date and current on the latest styles.

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I cannot stop browsing through photos of Tory Burch’s latest resort collection. Inspired by the enchanting country of Morocco, where her parents chose to spend their honeymoon nearly 50 years ago, the colors, patterns, textures and overall feel of this collection are just stunning.

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How cool is this? I have just found out that designer Mara Hoffman, creator of some of the brightest and most beautiful bohemian patterns in the industry (in my opinion), was right here…in our neck of the woods!

Hoffman and her family have just spent a short vacation traveling around Guatemala. Lake Atitlan, she says, being one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen. Coming from a designer who finds inspiration by traveling around the world, this is one statement we should feel very proud of!

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Hand woven by the skilled women of the Wayuu Taya tribe of South America in a village called La Guajira, the colorful and beautifully made Miss Mochila bags have invaded the streets of New York and Paris, quickly becoming everyone’s latest obsession…including my own!

What makes these bags truly one-of-a-kind and special, is that each one has its own unique pattern and color combination. The designs are entirely handcrafted by memory, using methods passed down from generation to generation that can take up to 21 days to complete.

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Carine's difficult to describe this woman without using words such as incredible, provocative, creative, innovative, trendsetting, bold, fearless and, of course, inspiring. To me and many other fashion enthusiasts, I am sure, she is an inspiration- the inspiration.

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Animal print- definitely something not embraced by everyone. I'll admit, at first, I felt a little intimidated by this fierce print. I guess it was because I always sort of thought of animal print as being "sexy" and, at that time, I did not want my image to be that of a "sexy" woman. Actually, now that I think about it, I realize that not wanting to be seen in such a way had everything to do with my insecurity towards my body (or even, myself) and absolutely nothing to do with animal print.